1st Saturday in Three Rivers

1st Sat Flag

The Artists of Three Rivers, California have joined together to create a day of food, fun and fabulous art. It is held on the 1st Saturday of every month and specials are promoted throughout the town – by artists, restaurants, gift shops, galleries and more.  Look for the purple flags.


2 Responses to “1st Saturday in Three Rivers”

  1. Jeffrey Anderson Says:

    My name is Jeffrey Anderson and I live in Redondo Beach, CA … but my youth was spent in Visalia.

    I am in possession of a Burnham double beam flying shuttle loom and I presume that I have all the bits and pieces of tools that would be required to set the loom up for weaving. It was built at my step-father, Charles Rich’s request and specifications regarding the wood choices in about 1950. He was the Science Education Coordinator for the County schools and largely responsible for the creation of Scicon.

    The loom has experienced only a small amount of usage.

    If there are weavers who might be interested in this loom please give them a copy of this message. I can send pictures. It’s been set up but never used since 1970 … and now I’m getting old too. If I were closer to weavers I might join the crew and see what is possible. But I know of no one locally

    I look forward to hearing from you or one of your acquaintances

    Sincerely yours

    Jeffrey Anderson

    • handweavingbynikki Says:

      Jeff, I sent a reply to this message some time ago but I have reason to believe it didn’t go through. Do you still have the loom? Still looking for a buyer? There are weaving groups in your area. Are you still interested in finding them? Nikki

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