From Chaos Comes Order

Tieing on towels

Tieing on warp for towels

Believe it or not, the mess you see on the left will eventually become towels with multi colored stripes in the Fibonacci sequence.  I call these “Fibonacci’s Flower Garden”.  Flowers come in many colors and the stems and leaves are always green. So these towels are a way to use up small amounts of different colors of yarn–mixed with several shades of green. 

Rolling on Fibonacci Towels

Rolling on Fibonacci Towels

I am often asked if I set up the stripes at the loom or at the warping board. Doing it at the warping board takes a lot of time but is very neat and tidy.  Doing it at the loom creates chaos, as you see.  Think next time I’ll go back to striping at the warping board.

Fibonacci's Flower Garden Towels

Fibonacci's Flower Garden Towels

To the right you see Fibonacci’s Flower Garden Towels from 2 previous batches.


2 Responses to “From Chaos Comes Order”

  1. evasweaving Says:

    I love your Fibonacci’s towels and your site is great! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.


    • handweavingbynikki Says:

      Thanks, Eva. I really enjoyed your site also. I plan to check yours out frequently. This is all new to me and I’m enjoying learning about cyberspace. I’d rather be weaving but I know this will be a valuable tool for my business. Happy weaving. Nikki

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