14,056 Mug Rugs And Counting!

I’m preparing for 1st Saturday again.  My supply of Mug Rugs is always  low at the end of the year. I just finished another batch. This picture shows some that are long gone.  I’ve kept track since I first started making these in 1991 as just a little item to sell for Christmas. They have been so popular that I have continued to make them and have kept track of how many since I started.  As of 1/1/11, the total number of sets of 4 is 3,514.  That makes a total of 14,056 individual Mug Rugs!  And I can’t keep them in stock. Every time I think I have saturated the market, I realize my basket is almost empty. Thank you to all who have purchased these silly little coasters and come back for more.

On Feb 5, I’ll be with Shirley Keller in her Spirit Hill Studio, 43641 Skyline Dr., Three Rivers. We’ll be open from 11:00 to 5:00.  Come and see us.


2 Responses to “14,056 Mug Rugs And Counting!”

  1. Jana Says:

    “silly”? No way – completely functional and beautiful! Cracks me up that you have kept track, Nikki – it is something I would do. 😎

  2. dkzody Says:

    Great idea that I am pinning to my Pinterest board.

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